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Klezmer meets Mediterranee

Klezmerband Di Gojim and Romi Anauel are proud to present a sensational new show. Two warm blooded cultures meet and inspire each other. A world of experience and a wealth of music melt into a volcano of passion as the vocal expressiveness fuses with the flame-hot virtuosity of Di Gojim.

Romi Anauel

Romi Anauel is true citizen of the wide world- the daughter of Portuguese/Angolese/Masai parents. Her great-grandmother was a Masai queen. After having fled the Angolese civil war at the age of two, Romi grew up in the Portuguese countryside. At the age of 19 she moved to Lisbon, the city of her dreams. Working as an actress, dancer and model, she was asked to join Terrakota. This highly successful and innovative band is the musical ambassadors of the Portuguese multicultural scene. Romi's penetrating lyrics and powerful, energetic performances with Terrakota leave an indelible impression on all listeners.

In 2008, Terrakota won the prestigious MTV Music Video Award from Portugal. They perform at all the great music festivals of Europe and are causing a furor in Israel, Morocco, China and India. In 2011 Romi moved to Barcelona, where she worked with Alberto Perez and Raul del Moral, resulting in 2012 in her first solo album as "Romi Anauel and the Soldiers of Ra." In her world travels, Romi has landed in Amsterdam where she is now busy collaborating with Di Gojim.