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Klezmerband Di Gojim

For more than 25 years, Di Gojim has been causing a sensation with its very own interpretation of klezmer. Klezmer is a rich mixture of Eastern European folk styles, as well as Jewish and Gypsy music. Music for the joyous occasions of life but also for the sad moments.

Di Gojim has won international acclaim and is widely regarded as one of the best klezmer bands in the world. In the Netherlands, Di Gojim plays in all the best known theaters. Abroad, the group plays at festivals and theatres from Berlin to Budapest, from Madrid to Mexico City. Even by special invitation on Broadway- the Great White Way of New York. Wherever they perform, their public responds enthusiastically to their musical outpouring of melancholy and subtle humor.

This season Di Gojim is on stage with Portuguese-Masai singer Romi Anauel. 'Klez-sur-Mer' is the title of this new project. Romi Anauel is wellknown in Portugal and Spain by 'Terrakota' and 'Romi and the Soldiers of Ra'.

From the press:
"Di Gojim pivots between art, klezmer and pop. Fire, passion, musical adrenaline- impressive and overwhelming!"